Referring Patients

What do we treat?

We treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the head, spine, pelvis, upper extremities, and lower extremities.

What payers and payment do we except?

Cash, Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, Worker's Comp, Fed Worker's Comp, and both 1st and 3rd party Auto Injury. We are preferred providers with Aetna and Premera BCBS.

What will your patient experience?

Whenever possible we pre-verify insurance benefits and explain costs before the first visit to avoid any surprises. After a general and focused history Dr. Barringer will conduct an exam including vitals, range of motion, MRS (muscle, reflex, sensory), orthopedic testing, neurological testing, palpation analysis, and biomechanics analysis. Dr. Barringer will then explain his exam findings, provide a diagnosis, outline treatment options, and provide informed consent.

Treatment can consist of chiropractic adjustment, Active Release Technique, massage therapy, other myofascial techniques, ergonomic assessment, postural assessment, stretches, strengthening exercises, weight loss advise, modification of ADLs, and assistance with reintroduction of ADLs. Dr. Barringer respects your patient's wishes and works with patients to develop a treatment plan that makes them feel comfortable. Patients are routinely evaluated for progress. If timely satisfactory progress is not achieved imaging or referral to other medical providers will be recommended.

What won't your patient experience?

X-rays without medical necessity. Chiropractic adjustment regardless of your patient's wishes. Treatment without therapeutic objective and medical necessity. Expensive treatment packages. High pressure sales. Surprise large bills due to our billing. Gimmicks and pseudo-treatments.