What are our patients saying about us?


Effective pain relief

"I’ve seen Dr. Barringer for several injuries over the last 5 years. The first was a hip injury I developed after an ACL and medial meniscus repair. My gait, post-surgery, was affecting my hip to where it was difficult and painful to stand up after sitting. After months of dealing with hip pain that was worse than my knee pain I was fed up. Dr. Barringer was able to correctly diagnose my injury as a soft tissue entrapment and was able to fix it within a few visits using Active Release Technique. I’ve been pain free since! Most recently I fell hiking and injured my shoulder. Six months later I still couldn’t lift a coffee mug off the shelf without pain. Dr. Barringer correctly diagnosed my injury as a rotator cuff strain. With his treatment, stretching, icing, and exercises at home he had me back to working out pain free within a few weeks. Both Dr. Barringer and his staff are friendly and professional.  I have recommended his clinic to friends and they are also pleased with their outcomes."  -Joyce W.    


Trusted Referral 

As a primary care provider I’m always looking out for my patients’ best interests and searching for effective treatments for a variety of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Over the past 5 years I’ve trusted Dr. Barringer not only with my patients’ care, but also with my own care. His treatment approach has been effective not only for me, but for many of my patients. I’ve referred other healthcare providers to Dr. Barringer and they have had similar positive experiences. As a provider, I feel he takes a medically integrated approach to patient care. He also does a great job ordering imaging when appropriate and referring to other medical providers when indicated for physical therapy, surgical consultation, pain management, and neurological consultation. I would highly recommend Dr. Barringer to any provider for patient co-management!     -Christi Froiland, P.A.-C


Identifying the real problem

"I was seeing another chiropractor for 6 months after a car accident to treat continuous headaches and neck pain. Then I went to see Brett and he told me my real problem, car wreck or not, was bad posture. If I didn't get proactive about fixing that first, I would never feel better. He gave me stretches and exercises to do at home. Not only did my headaches subside almost immediately, but a few months later I ran my first marathon!"      - Sophie Danison



"Five years ago I was going through four or five very stressful events at once. While dealing with my stress I started to develop severe neck pain. My neck pain became so excruciating that I couldn’t deal with it any longer. At one point my pain was so extreme that I went to the E.R. twice in one day. I felt like things were getting out of control. Finally, I came to Dr. Barringer and his fine staff of massage therapists. In two visits, 80% of the pain was gone. Over the next few weeks they were able to alleviate the remainder of the pain.  They did more for me in 2 visits than my 2 visits to the E.R. did.  Thank you so very much Dr. Barringer!"        - John. A.