Conditions We Treat

We treat nerve, muscle, and joint conditions with a comprehensive and effective treatment approach. This includes Chiropractic Care, Active Release Technique, Massage Therapy, Supplements, and Guidance on nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, posture, and weight loss.

Shoulder, Neck, & Back


Plantar Fasciitis


Carpal Tunnel

Tennis Elbow

and more!

We combine our comprehensive approach to patient treatment with an extremely friendly and competent office staff that is able to answer all of your insurance and billing questions. You're sure to walk away feeling better, and without unnecessary and stressful billing surprises.

"When I see a new patient I try to evaluate how I can help them in my office or if they should be somewhere else. If care in my office is appropriate I outline the best treatment plan to get them better as soon as possible. I then identify ergonomic or other factors that contributed to their injury, so we can address them and avoid a cycle of repetitive injury. Finally I identify what they can do at home to help themselves get better faster and stay better longer."

-Dr. Brett A. Barringer